A Message From Our Board

Parents and Players:

I wanted to thank those who have offered to help and ask those have not yet offered to join in.

The Booster Club is very important to your child’s soccer experience.  The Booster Club actually pays for several items that “are not” funded by the BHS athletic department.  The Booster club funds the following type of expenses:
-          Practice Jerseys
-          Coaches BHS logo wear (6 coaches last year)
-          Socks
-          Meals for road games (JV and Varsity)
-          Field mowing
-          Paint for striping field
-          Awards for the banquet
-          Senior gifts for the banquet
-          Banquet
-          Banquet decorating
-          Senior night
-          Program
-          Food for concession stand
Last year, the booster club raised revenue of $19,500 and incurred expenses of $18,800 for the above items.  Of the $19,500 revenue, $1,600 was raised from booster memberships. The remaining $17,900 was raised primarily from Fall Pee Wee football concession stand sales, JV/Varsity game concession stand sales, advertising campaign, logo wear sales, and the Friendly Tournament.  
Here is where we need everyone’s active participation and volunteers:

We have 2 open positions on the booster board that need to be filled quickly.

  • Concession Stand Manager (this manager will assist Elizabeth Mueller, call with any questions 918-407-4547)
    • Will only need to assist 1/3 of the schedule
    • Will be required to take an 8 hour food handling class and test to receive your Concession Stand Manager license
    • The booster club will pay for this expense
    • Ideally, this position would be filled by an under classmen parent as the license is good for 3 years
  • VP For Promotion and Advertising
    • Will only be responsible for the advertising campaign

Lastly, we need parents and students (mainly parents) to obtain their food handler permits to volunteer in the concession stand.  To work in the concession stand, you must have a Volunteer Food Handlers license.  This permit may be obtained online at the following link for free.


We need you to get these soon to get your assistance with fall Pee Wee Football – which is our largest fundraiser.  Students can also check with your advisor to see if you can get Honor Society volunteer hours. 

Please let us know immediately if you can volunteer by responding to this email.

The Booster Club Board