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Write a check and support Bixby HS Soccer!

The Bixby High School soccer team needs your help!! The Bixby High School girls and boys soccer teams are busy preparing for their upcoming spring season. With all of the budget cuts and short-comings within our schools districts, we are asking for your help to donate towards new uniforms and equipment for our soccer athletes.

This year we have a terrific group of kids working hard to participate in our growing soccer program. Both the boys and girls programs continue to excel and compete within our district. The players are currently in their offseason preparing for the upcoming year by strengthening, and conditioning. These student-athletes need your support to help make sure that each one has the opportunities and assets needed in order to obtain success both on and off the field.

We are asking for your financial support by “Writing a check” to help support our athletes for the upcoming season. In addition to your financial support, we hope that you will come and watch your Spartan soccer player at their matches and events they participate in.

Thanks for your consideration and your support of Bixby High School soccer!

Bixby High School Soccer Board